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Unior Bike raybet雷竞技入口Tools是UCI世界巡回赛团队Ineos(Ineos Grenadiers Cycling Team在2020年巡回赛期间)的骄傲技术合作伙伴,decuninck- Quick-Step,Trek-Segafredo和Movistar团队。所有团队都使用Unior的完全包装的专业工具工具盒,这些案例可提供最佳的实用性,机动性和韧性。团队机械师还喜欢在团队基地和道路上扭动时使用他们的个人套装。这就是为什么他们帮助开发了专业套件,现在是敏锐的用户。团队工具之间的唯一区别是Ineos&Trek-Segafredoraybet雷竞技入口使用红色工具,而Deceuninck-快速步骤和Movistar与原始Unior Blue完美匹配。


骑自行车的人在周日在尼斯上路,比赛开始了。We will all watch the drama on the screens, but only a few among us will have the chance to see the action we’re most interested in. Long days and late nights of the team mechanics that will keep the bikes & gear perfect day in, day out. There is no glory for these men in the background, only a great satisfaction when the team and the riders win in the biggest cycling race in the world. These are the moments when the big trucks roll-in and fully equipped mobile workshops become priceless. Unior’s workbench and storage solutions are perfect fit for these always impressive processions, which are all available to you & your customers as well.


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